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How to install metamask?

Install your Metamask to mint a Choby

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How to mint Chobies?

  • Press the “Connect wallet” button. Follow the instructions to connect your MetaMask wallet.
  • Choose the amount of Chobies and make sure that you have enough funds to mint them.
  • Confirm funds to allow the smart contract to use the exact amount of your USDT for minting. Press “Confirm funds” and follow the MetaMask instructions.
  • Now you are ready to mint. Press “Mint NFT” to get a confirmed amount of Chobies on your wallet. Follow the MetaMask instructions.
  • After a successful mint, check your Chobies and perks in your profile by tapping the “My Profile” button in the main menu.

How many Chobies can I mint at a time?

You can mint up to 10 Chobies at a time.

Why do I need to confirm funds before minting NFT?

You need to do this to allow the service to use only confirmed funds. For example, you want to mint 4 Chobies. At Green Stage it costs $600. So you need to confirm these funds to tell the service to use only them, not more. It makes the transaction safe for you because you are sure that other USDT will stay in your wallet. It is how the Ethereum blockchain works.

We say “confirm NFT” only for easy understanding.

How can I buy 6 Chobies if I confirmed 4?

It is 2 ways to do that.

First, you can mint 4 confirmed Chobies for the first transaction. And then confirm another 2 Chobies and mint them too for a second transaction.

Another way, you need to cancel the confirmation and make another one again. It is necessary that smart contract can use a bigger amount of your funds. There is no way to do it differently because of how the Ethereum blockchain works. The cancellation costs some funds. Follow the MetaMask instructions to see the real cost.

How can I cancel confirmation?

  • Press “Reset confirmed NFT amount”.
  • Read the warning and press the “Reset” button.
  • Follow the MetaMask instructions and press “Confirm”.
  • Now you can confirm another amount of Chobies.
  • Now you can confirm another amount of Chobies.

Why do I need to pay for gas?

It is how the Ethereum blockchain works. To make the transaction you need to pay some fee to be sure that it will be completed. The price of gas fluctuates based on the Ethereum blockchain congestion. Always follow the Metamask instructions to see the real cost for gas.

Can I mint again after successful minting?

Yes, you can make transactions as much as you want. For example, if you want 20 Chobies you need to make 2 transactions: mint 10 of them and then again mint 10.