Passive income NFT

with bonuses up to $100,000 inside

More than just an NFT, launches an NTO - NFT Token Offering. A first of its kind exclusive overcollateralized NFT series containing well established, listed tokens at discounts of 3, 4 and even 6 times off their current market price.

1,000 CHO

Limited edition NFT plus 1,000 CHO tokens in every mint


Over 20% of Chobies contain casbacks and up to $100,000 cash prizes


Total prize pool to be raffled off among minters

Original Choby owners get up to 5% royalty on every future resale of their NFTs, for life, on a potentially huge secondary market.

mint a choby nft and get a chance to win


Lamborghini spyder


Tesla car


$2,000,000+ in CHO cashback fund

Bonus fund



$600,000 in CHO

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Chobies NTO on Top Media and the CHO token

CHO is one of the top trending tokens on the market and a native token of the ecosystem

Leading cryptobank and earn marketplace

(Staking, farming, high yield interest, crypto cards, payments)

  • 170


  • 750,000

    Registered users

  • $1B+

    In transactions

  • 2017

    foundation year

  • 24+

    Backed by investment funds

  • 6 years

    on the market

CHO is a native token of

Why is it unique?

  • 9x

    since Pre-Sale rounds

  • June 2022


  • $58M+

    Volume 90d

  • TOP 500

    on CoinMarketCap

  • listed on creates a new page in crypto history

Now NFTs have a value: rarity, perks, and tokens inside

flags envelope

You have a limited time opportunity to get a rare Choby with its own unique traits and benefits, including potential cashback, huge bonuses of up to $100,000, amazing prizes, and of course it is all underpinned with assets that create real calculable value ensuring easy future resale.

  • Mint cool, exclusive Chobies
  • Every Choby has a real name, over 3,000 in fact
  • Different clothes, hats, eyes, even year of birth
  • Some are personalized and very rare
  • A total of more than 220 different traits
  • Every Choby contains 1,000 CHO
  • More than 20% of Chobies have additional perks
  • CHO tokens unlock from 0 to 12 months
  • CHO token vesting is from 0 to 36 months
  • Cashback of up to 99%
  • Bonuses from $25 to $100,000
  • Up to 5% royalty on every resale, for life





Try to get the rarest Choby with the most amazing perks

fly lines

in every NFT you get the
chance to be part of

prize pool


prize pool

prize pool

win up to $100,000
99% cashback and thousands of other perks

All Chobies have 1000 CHO inside that already cost more than the mint price. Still, that seemed not enough for us. Perks inside some Chobies can reduce lockup and vesting periods, provide cashback, bring money prizes or increase royalty in future resales.

Prize perks

Prize perks

10% of NFTs have money prizes in CHO


1 Choby with a Grand Prize

  • $15,000

    3 Chobies

  • $5,000

    6 Chobies

  • $3,000

    2 Chobies

  • $2,500

    196 Chobies

  • $2,000

    22 Chobies

  • $1,500

    170 Chobies


Receive up to a 5% royalty on every future Choby resale

Once you minted the NFT, you become the owner of it. If you decide to resell it later, you will enjoy the exclusive right to receive up to 5% royalty forever – for every reselling on the secondary market. Forever.


Mint your NFT with instantaneous unlock

Tokens are packed with different lockups from 0 to 12 months. More than 20% of Choby NFTs will have shorter periods than others and some NFTs do not have them at all. Try to mint your NFT with instantaneous unlock (with the option of instant sale at the market price).


Get cashback
in CHO

12% of Chobies have cashback inside. Check your luck and get from 50 to 1000 CHO tokens, in addition to that 1000 CHO packed in each NFT.


Shorter NFT vesting period

Tokens inside Choby NFTs are packed with various vesting periods, from 0 to 36 months. The shorter the vesting, the quicker you have full access to your tokens.

Сrypto cards

Get your own stylish
metal crypto debit card

Thousands of NFTs have an exclusive bonus inside, a specially designed plastic, or metal crypto backed debit card for both on and offline shopping* (the issue of crypto debit cards is subject to location of Choby owner's country of residence)

Try to get your favorite CHOBY

  • Choby #367
  • #153
  • Choby #12 32
  • #367
  • Choby #34 58
  • #87
  • Choby #67 36
  • #761
  • Choby #92 81
  • #1239

How can i use choby


Cho tokens

Cho tokens

Get CHO tokens from your Choby (after specified lockup and vesting periods) or sell Chobies to those who will wait until tokens are released and then sell them at market price.




Choby owners will get exclusive access to the first special stage (with max discounts) of all NTOs that will be launched on the NTO Launchpad.

Coming soon



Each Choby provides a $1000 fixed value in staking on's DeFi platform - Charism. This staking has benefits: reduced fee in the ecosystem, higher APY’s, obtaining exclusive bank cards, cashback and other bonuses.

Coming soon

Sleep-to-earn Game

Sleep-to-earn Game

Get access and use your Choby in the Chobizzz Sleep-to-Earn game (launching soon). Earn tokens while you sleep, upgrade your Choby to earn more, and compete with others.




Mint 5 or more Chobies to participate in a giveaway of a Lamborghini Spyder, Tesla, $300,000 worth of CHO, unique merch, cards and other prizes. Prizes depend on the results of Chobies NTO stages.



Choby owners will be able to order exclusive Choby Collectible Toys. These unique Chobies will be a great addition to home interior or art collector's highlights. Only available to Choby owners.

How to mint one Choby

How to mint one Choby
center line
  • 1

    Connect your MetaMask wallet

  • 2

    Get from 1 to 20 Chobies at one mint

  • 3

    Get unique Chobies and 1000 CHO in each of them

  • 4

    Check NFTs in your profile and find what perks are packed inside your Chobies

All Chobies have 1000 CHO inside that already cost more than the mint price. Still, that seemed not enough for us. Perks inside some Chobies can reduce lockup and vesting periods, provide cashback, bring money prizes or increase royalty in future resales.

By launching the NTO, is unlocking a new NFT class; NFTs with real value.


Each Choby is backed by tokens

line 1

Chobies are not only valuable art; they are also backed by tokens with a value far greater than the cost of minting. Owners can wait until their tokens are fully unlocked and vested, or resell them early on a secondary market, it is their choise.


Personalized NFTs

line 2

These cute little fella’s have their own unique style, including their own names. Try to get your ‘personal’ NFT and use it as an avatar. The more unique, the greater its potential value.


Favorable time

line 3

There is no better time than today to become a Choby owner. Crypto winters are a time for innovation, and the early pioneers are usually the the biggest winners during the expected crypto summer.

Giveaways and associated plans for Choby holders

The more Chobies you own, the more chances you have to win a Lamborghini.

Giveaways refresh at every stage. To participate in any, you need to mint a Choby at that giveaway stage.

Drops and Giveaways will be held only in case when the related stage is 100% sold out.

Choby Merch

Cool, in-trend, and high-quality merchandise with your own Choby or Chobies to show off on the streets, with worldwide shipping.

Choby Merch

Choby drop

100 Chobies drop for participants of the first-ever NTO.

Choby drop

New products are coming

After each successful stage we are planning to do a lot

NTO development

NTO Wallet

Development of’s unique and simple decentralized wallet, allowing users to store their valuable NFTs. development

  • New B2B App/Web App
  • B2B Asset Tokens

NTO development

NTO Launchpad

Release of the first NTO Launchpad, for launching NTOs of other promising projects. development

  • DeFi integration into App
  • Crypto Microlearning Academy

NTO development

NFT cross-chain

Release of NFTs' cross-chain functionality between BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon and other blockchains. development

  • On-ramp for B2B
  • Decentralized MPC wallet

NTO development

NTO Marketplace

Buy, sell, and trade Chobies and follow other NTO collections with users around the world. development

  • Crypto Loans
  • Margin Trading
  • NFT Launchpad for B2B Clients

NTO development

NTO assets lending

Launch of lending against NTO assets collateral. development

  • Cross-Chain Transaction Builder
  • Trading Terminal Designed for Traders

NTO development

NTO Atomise Service

Launch of Atomise Service for sale and purchase of assets shares on NTO launchpad. development

  • DeFi Index Product
  • DeFi Earnings with Leverage


What is the NTO?

The NTO (NFT token offering) is a unique form of token distribution, combined with NFT minting, which is used for secondary market sales of valuable tokens. It is a new class of assets — overcollateralized NFTs. The main difference from ICOs or IDOs is that tokens integrated into the NFTs are already traded on the market and there are add-ons: perks, bonuses, prizes up to $100,000.

What is inside each NFT?

Each NFT contains 1,000 CHO tokens and other perks. Every 5th NFT has at least one or several bonuses inside: perks up to $100,000 and up to 99% cashback.

What perks will I receive?

Perks in numbers:

  • Lock-up period from 0 to 12 months;
  • Vesting period from 0 to 36 months;
  • Cashback up to 99%;
  • Huge bonuses from $25 to $100,000;
  • Up to 5% forever on each resell;
  • Thousands of's plastic and metal crypto cards; and much more.

How can I mint my Choby?

You can mint your Choby straight from the website:

  • On the main page tap the “Mint now” to go to the minting page.
  • Tap the “Connect wallet” button and follow the instructions to connect your MetaMask wallet.
  • Choose the amount of Chobies and make sure that you have enough funds to mint them.
  • Confirm funds to allow the smart contract to use the exact amount of your USDT for minting. Press “Confirm funds” and follow the MetaMask instructions.
  • Now you are ready to mint. Press “Mint NFT” to get a confirmed amount of Chobies on your wallet. Follow the MetaMask instructions.
  • After a successful mint, check your Chobies and perks in your profile by tapping the “My Profile” button in the main menu.

How can I be sure that Chobies and prizes are given randomly? Can you show the smart contract?

Our smart contract is available on Etherscan. All prizes are randomly distributed among Chobies and all Chobies are randomly distributed among minters.

Check the smart contract here:×8a0b3e62173b1803b4c7517d4f6a08e5d5e40da5

Can I buy 5 Chobies at a time?

Yes, you can buy up to 20 Chobies at a time.

How are Chobies personalized?

The Chobies NTO Collection has over 1014 random Chobies variations, including:

  • 3000+ names (try to mint yours!)
  • 68 backgrounds
  • 15 colors
  • 88 hats
  • 21 facial expressions
  • 17 types of eyes
  • 9 pairs of glasses
  • 4 types of clothing
  • 4 attributes on the neck
  • a number of other unexpected traits that you’ll love

Mint your own exclusive one.

What’s the price of each Choby?

The price of Choby depends on the current NTO stage. The minting price will increase from $150 to $400.

Can I resell my Choby?

Yes, you can resell it on the secondary market and then get up to 5% for each resale of your Choby. And buy another one.

How will I receive my royalty?

Royalty is accrued to the minter of the NFT after each resale on every NFT marketplace.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do. You can get up to 10% from each minting. Generate a referral link in your Profile to start.

Conditions depends on sales volume:

  • < $100,000 = 7.5% from each mint
  • $100,000 - $300,000 = 9% from each mint
  • > $300,000 = 10% from each mint

You can receive additional 5% royalty from every NFT resale on the secondary market. This means that if an NFT that was minted with an influencer's code has a resale volume of $1,000,000, the influencer makes $50,000. (Separately, 3% royalty goes to every first NFT owner)

What happens after I mint my Choby NFT?

You can find your Chobies in the “My Profile” section after the mint. Your profile contains all information about your Chobies including its picture, minting date, traits, perks, lockup and vesting periods.

You can see the amount of CHO in the “Token” section.

A lockup means that during this period you cannot do anything with the CHO tokens inside your Chobies. The date of unlocking you can see at the “Lockup” section.

A vesting means that during this period you will be evenly credited with a certain number of CHO tokens and at the end of this period you will receive all of them. Your profile has information about how many CHO tokens are vested and how many you can claim.

To claim CHO tokens tap the “Claim” button.

To transfer your Chobies to another wallet, tap the “Transfer” button in your profile.

How to check that the money prize is still inside the Choby you buy on the secondary market?

To read a step-by-step guide on how to check if the money prize is still inside the Choby, please, follow the link. is the leading cryptobank and earn marketplace

Chobies NTO

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